Category: Lifestream

  • Dvorak, 3rd year

    The past 1st of November marked the anniversary of my switching to DVORAK. I took some time for myself, visited TypeRacer to have some fun and compare results from previous years (see 2017, 2018). Already having surpassed both my previous speed and accuracy I didn’t have any expectations this year, just checking how I was […]

  • Meetup WordPress Lugo

    Hai uns meses atrás, Carlos liouse a manta á cabeza e propúxose retomar a programación do meetup de WordPress en Lugo, logo dun tempo parada. Lhosca e máis eu decidimos botar unha man e en Xullo presentamos a nova etapa, coa colaboración da maravillosa xente que organiza o meetup (e WordCamp!) WordPress Pontevedra. Logo dunha […]

  • Scratch Map Summer 2018

    After some epic trips in the past years, this is what our scratch map looks like by the end of 2018 Summer. Antarctica is in our todo list.

  • Summer solstice

    Depending on how you think about seasons, the summer’s solstice is the beginning of the summer or the middle of it – in either case, enjoy.

  • Iguazu falls

  • My first plant

    I was gifted a bonsai.

  • The luxury of a desktop app

    These apps are just little icons on my desktop bar. I don’t even have Bluetooth enabled. The amount of memory they consume is a luxury.

  • Seamless offline docs

    This combination of Zeal and Atom (with the dash package) seems to just work, and help you set up a seamless offline docs experience.

  • Afuega’l Pitu

    Saturday occupation: eating spicy cheese made of cow milk and paprika.

  • Shelter from the Storm

    Mars soundtrack (the National Geographic tv-show) is fantastic. Nick Cave is just the perfect voice to convey that feeling of exploration and fear. Moon, Interstellar, The Martian, etc; it seems sci-fi movies got an appreciation for soundtracks that have a major role in the film – and I enjoy that. As much as I like Cave’s main […]