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  • Os reis de Fisterra

    En Xullo de 2021, ano Xacobeo, pasamos uns días nun apartamento perto da praia Langosteira. Un día nubrado decidimos camiñar até o faro, facendo parte do camiño de Fisterra. Activei o meu reloxo para recoller as estatísticas do roteiro que logo compartiría cos amigos a través dunha aplicación. Durante os 10km de ida e volta […]

  • Para que pregunto?

    Uns anos atrás pasamos un verán nas praias da ría de Aldán. Unha tarde, uns parasois máis alá do noso, ouvimos unha conversación pai-crianza sobre o traxe de baño do neno. É algo que ficou no folclore da nosa familia como unha anécdota que recordamos de cando en vez. Acho que a situación, alén de […]

  • Recently: June 2021

    Previous: May 2021. The second quarter of 2021 is over, and it was an intense one at work. I’ve been working on some features for WordPress 5.8. It’s a packed version by my standards and those of many others. It will be published in a few days, and I’m excited to see it in the […]

  • Recently: May 2021

    Previous: April 2021. Next: June 2021. LaretasGeek I streamed content in May. Twice. The first, hosted by Fran. We talked about how is it to work for Automattic or how does it feel to be involved in a free software project the scale of WordPress (40% of the web, 18 years old). We also touched […]

  • Recently: April 2021

    Previous: March 2021. Next: May 2021. Three queues for notes Lately, I’ve found joy in learning how other people organize their notes: Taxonomy of note types, the PARA system, and the Johnny Decimal are three of the most popular links on the note-taking internet sub-culture. Over the years, I’ve tried several things. The last iteration […]

  • Recently: March 2021

    Previous: February 2021. Next: April 2021. Mareas Vivas Galician noir: how a rainy corner of Spain spawned a new TV genre. The major streaming platforms have released tv-shows produced in Galiza and by Galicians: O Sabor das Margaridas / Bitter Daisies (Netflix), Auga Seca / Dry Water (HBO), La Unidad / The Unit (Movistar), 3 […]

  • Recently: February 2021

    Previous: January 2021. Next: March 2021. January’s post re-connected me with some folks, which made me think this “recently” idea wasn’t that bad after all. Here’s February’s. 3 blogs of programmers I follow In a Twitter conversation with Óscar and Juan, Juan suggested we should share blogs of programmers we follow. It’s been a while […]

  • Recently: January 2021

    Next: February 2021. Inspired by Tom MacWright, I’m starting a “recently” series, where I’m going to branch out a bit from the usual topics of this site ― which weren’t very focused anyway. Aims to be monthly. Streamers The past year I’ve started to follow some streamers. It’s a lot of fun if you find […]

  • O André

    Neste verán, un dos memes que agromou na galego-esfera do twitter foi o de actualizarmos o perfil poñendo o artigo antes do nome: a Berta, o Ricardo, a Teodora, etc. Este meme inspiroume a revisar a historia e normativa da antroponimia galega. Dentro das linguas románicas, o uso do artigo con antropónimos e topónimos é […]

  • Dvorak, 3rd year

    The past 1st of November marked the anniversary of my switching to DVORAK. I took some time for myself, visited TypeRacer to have some fun and compare results from previous years (see 2017, 2018). Already having surpassed both my previous speed and accuracy I didn’t have any expectations this year, just checking how I was […]