A selection of what I’ve built or contributed to.


Work for Automattic. Co-organizer of the WordPress Lugo meetup.

Gutenberg and WordPress (2020-today) PHP, JavaScript, React, Redux ― Contribute to WordPress’s new block editor full-time. Became WordPress committer in March 2023. Engaged in a few areas: block styles, theme.json API, and front-end performance. Related: theme.json v1, theme.json PHP API, theme.json v2, theme.json filters, The developer experience of WordPress presets, Evolution of WordPress TTFB: 5.6 to 6.2, The value of Time To First Byte, WordPress 6.2 performance: field data.

WordPress Lugo meetup (2019-2020) Event co-organizer ― Helped revive the event and organized a monthly meetup until just before the covid-19.

Global Styles for (2019) PHP, JavaScript, React, Redux ― As part of experimenting with Gutenberg within my team, I implemented a plugin that changed font-families site-wide. It graduated to be part of the Site Editing Toolkit.

Star rating block for Jetpack (2019) PHP, JavaScript, React, Redux ― As part of experimenting with Gutenberg within my team, I developed the star rating block, that graduated to be part of Jetpack.

@wordpress/docgen (2019) NodeJS, Markdown, JSDoc ― Created a tool to document ES6+ APIs automatically.

Block Editor Handbook (2018) Technical Writing & Infrastructure ― Bootstrapped some tutorials, reorganized the handbook’s major sections, and helped land it in WordPress’s infrastructure.

hc-client (2017-2018), JavaScript, React, Redux ― Real-time communications library to be used as an embedded client in different contexts (WordPress plugin, standalone).

Blog In A Box (2017) PHP, D3.js, Python ― Experiment to connect the Raspberry Pi, the Sense Hat, and WordPress (plugin, theme, installer). It got featured in The MagPi #56!

eslines (2016) NodeJS, ESLint ― As my trial project for Automattic, I created a library that works with ESLint to only report errors in lines that were modified. Someone else coined a tagline that I like: “the boy-scout rule in a tool“.


Built GIS for iCarto where I was also a business lead and a partner. Co-founder of Makers Lugo (open-hardware non-profit) and Red Odiseus (WordPress network non-profit).

SIXHIARA utentes (2016) Electron, Python, Pyramid, JavaScript, Backbone, Bootstrap ― Led the product development (technical, design) for a desktop application to manage water licenses and users in the northern area of Mozambique.

CommonsLab Inventory (2015) CartoDB, Javascript, Backbone, Leaftlet, Bootstrap, PHP, Slim ― Led the development (product, business) of a visual inventory of citizen science projects across the USA for the Wilson Center. It was selected as part of the citizen science toolkit by The White House.

SITEGAL (2014-2015) Java, Wicket, Struts, Hibernate, Spring ― Part of a team of 10 that developed and maintained the “Land Information System” of Galiza’s regional body, a public platform for people to rent and lend land. Led the implementation of the SEPA payments sub-system.

SIGA Expedientes (2013-2014) Javascript, Backbone, Python, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, squitch, PostgreSQL ― Application to manage the workflow of documents for the concession holder of one of the largest highways of Spain (220 km in length, average traffic of 28 000 vehicles a day).

IDEPo (2011) JavaScript, jQuery, OpenLayers, ExtJS, Geoserver, PostGIS ― Created the first SDI of Pontevedra’s state regional body. Presented it in several conferences.


Work for IGALIA (open-source consultancy) and CartoLab (university research lab). Volunteer at ESF Galicia (non-profit for international cooperation).

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