WordPress, Gutenberg.

WordPress (April 2024, online, Galician) — What does WordPress mean today? What are the main developments under the Gutenberg umbrella? An introduction to WordPress in 2024 for people that do not necessarily know it. See demos.

Contido estruturado: bloques e rendemento (September 2023, WordCamp Pontevedra. Galician) ― Performance from a block perspective: Core Web Vitals, related APIs, block vs. classic themes. WordPress TV. See related front-end performance projects.

Estilos en Gutenberg (September 2021, online, WordCamp Galicia. Galician) ― Introduction to the different mechanisms related to styles in the block editor. WordPress TV. See related style API projects.

Core, plugins, hosting (December 2020, online, WordCamp Sevilla. Spanish) ― Contributor-day style event. Help people understand how core work is organized and how they can help. WordPress TV. See related Gutenberg & WordPress projects.

Unha introdución a Gutenberg (October 2019, WordPress Lugo Meetup. Galician) ― Why and how the block editor fits into the WordPress ecosystem. Introduces the pieces of a block from a user and developer point of view. Slides are available online. See related Gutenberg & WordPress projects.

Geographical Information Systems.

Introducción a CartoDB (2016, Coruña GPUL Labs).

Linear Referencing And Dynamic Segmentation For Modelling (linear) Assets: An Application For A Road Network (September 2013, Nottingham, FOSS4G).

A study on GRASS, gvSIG, and QGIS communities based on indicators (March 2011, Girona, V Jornadas de SIG Libre).

IDEPo, nodo IDE de la Diputación de Pontevedra (2011, Barcelona, II Jornadas ibéricas de Infraestructuras de Datos Espaciales).

A capacitação e o desenvolvimento da EIEL como SIG Municipal (2011, Viana do Castelo, Sistemas de Informação Geográficos municipais).

Open Source Software.

Proyecto poss-gl: aplicación de las prácticas del software libre en la traducción (2010, Málaga, Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre).

Quality and Libre Software: a theoretical and practical approach (2008, Brussels, FOSDEM).

Debian’s Long Tail (2008, English). A study on the structure of Debian’s copyright.