Dvorak, 3rd year

The past 1st of November marked the anniversary of my switching to DVORAK. I took some time for myself, visited TypeRacer to have some fun and compare results from previous years (see 2017, 2018). Already having surpassed both my previous speed and accuracy I didn’t have any expectations this year, just checking how I was doing.

In terms of accuracy, it looks like I didn’t make great progress. I’m a bit below than the past year mean wise (98.7% vs 98.2%) and also falled short in the number of times I reach 99% accuracy or above. However, I’ve improved my bottom accuracy in half a point (96.4% vs 97.1%).

Speed, thought, is a different matter. It continues to improve rapidly in every metric: the lower bottom, the number of times above 70, and the mean have increased (71 vs 74).


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  1. Miguel F. Avatar
    Miguel F.

    That’s quite interesting. Out of curiosity, is the test corpus English-only?

    1. nosolosw Avatar

      They’ve got a few languagues you can choose. I only tested English, but I’d be curious to see whether my numbers in Spanish/Galician are any different (unfortunately, I haven’t measured those before switching).
      Also worth noticing that, after some trial and error during the first year, I ended up adapting the US Dvorak layout to include tildes, ñ, ç, «», ¡, and ¿ in ergonomic positions instead of using one of the Spanish Dvorak variants.

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