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  • La liberación de patentes que salvó al coche eléctrico

    Hace 1 año TESLA abrió parte de sus patentes en un movimiento inusitado en la industria del automóvil. ¿Cuál es el contexto y cómo esperaba que la liberación le beneficiase?

  • Here’s how we saved state-level open data es una historia digna de leer. De esas pequeñas batallas por lo abierto que pasan inadvertidas pero que son inmensamente importantes.

  • While money can help produce good software, clear communication channels between developers and users and a unified team can easily outperform more rigid development environments. — I feel sorry for closed-source developers, Bruce Momjian.

  • Software never lies

    «When you run a business, if your software has a bug, your customers don’t care if it is your fault or Linus’ or some random Rails developer’s. They care that your software is bugged. Everyone’s software becomes my software because all of their bugs are my bugs. When something goes wrong, you need to seek […]

  • The Linux Foundation has released the Who writes Linux (2012 data) report. Interesting to see how it has been internalized as a marketing tool to show how vibrant is the community. Check it out and compare it to LibreOffice report and ours on FOSS4G desktop.

  • Analysis of free software communities: coda

    As you can see in my last posts (I, II, III, IV and V), I finally managed to translate the paper we released last year in V jornadas de SIG Libre (please, beg my english!). It took me a year and my wisdom teeth removed to find the time. Our intention (Fran and me) when […]

  • Analysis of free software communities (V): generational analysis

    Disclaimer – this post is part of a serie: I, II, III, IV and V (this one). Images: on the left, contributions of top 3 developers along the project history; on the right, evolution of developers participating during 2010. Data: trunk from project repositories during the period 1999-2010. Is it something we could extrapolate from the data there? This indicator gives us some […]

  • Analysis of free software communities (IV): community workhours

    Disclaimer – this post is part of a serie: I, II, III, IV (this one) and V. Images: on the left, number of changes to the codebase (commits) agregated by hour of day. On the right, number of commits grouped by day. Data: trunk from project repositories during the period 1999-2010. Is it something we could extrapolate from the data there? This indicator […]

  • «An open project and its community are the sum of individual people doing what they care about. It’s flat-out wrong to think that any healthy open project is a pool of developers who can be assigned priorities that “make sense” globally. There’s no product manager. The community priorities are simply the union of all community-member […]

  • Have you seen the LibreOffice stats shown at FOSDEM? They have got a lot of momentum from its very beginning and seem doing well. I’d like to see the source of that, though, to compare how they build the report with ours.