Analysis of free software communities (VI): coda

This post is part of a series: introduction (I), adoption (II)activity (III)work hours (IV)generations (V), and coda (VI).

As you can see in my last posts (Introduction (I), Adoption (II), Activity (III), Work hours (IV) and Generations (V)), I finally managed to translate the paper we presented last year in V jornadas de SIG Libre. It took me a year and my wisdom teeth removed to find the time.

Our intention (Fran and me) when we came out with the idea for the paper was to foster debate on the best practices around a free software project. While at CartoLab, we presented the idea to Alberto. He encouraged us to work on it and gave us the time and resources needed. He also contributed to polish the trends and conclusions in the later stages. I’m deeply grateful for all his patience and empathy.

I’m very proud of the work we have done. The first study of this kind in the GIS arena, and somehow a picture of 10 years of FOSS4G software development (for the desktop side). I hope the study continues to create debates on how to better work together.


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