Well, we have decided the speaker in our FOSDEM talk … and the winner is … Pablo!

Pablo is a gnome developer (gtranslator project) and he will open a blog as soon as posible 😉 Nacho is our backup-man whether any trouble happens .. but it won’t happen, i sure. I will try to post our trip and our feeling as newbies speakers in a great free software conference. Right now, i created a tag for FOSDEM posts for this post and add FOSDEM banner to this blog:

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting.

This week we must resove all burocracy paperwork yet and training our speech. So, this blog is already broadcasting FOSDEM experience!


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  1. ¡Gracias por la visita! y de vuelta en la blogosfera, veo que también estuviste de creación en los últimos meses ;-p

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