Vignelli on logo equity

«The notion of a logo equity has been with us from the very beginning of time. When we were asked to design a new logo for the FORD Motor Company, we proposed a light retouch of the old one which could be adjusted for contemporary applications. We did the same for CIGA HOTELS, CINZANO, LANCIA Cars and others. There was no reason to dispose of logos that had seventy years of exposure, and were rooted in people’s consciousness with a set of respectable connotations.

What is new is NOT a graphic form but a way of thinking, a way of showing respect for history in a context that usually has zero understanding for these values.»

— Massimo Vignelli, The Vignelli canon

Tengo en la memoria la reciente visita a Glasgow. Cómo el diseño que Mackintosh hizo para la GSA me pareció una actualización de la Glasgow University: mismos materiales, idénticas ideas básicas sobre la el aprovechamiento de la luz con sus ventanas enormes, pero formas estilizadas para la época. Lo mismo con algunos diseños para muebles. Como Vignelli, el pasado y la continuidad histórica como inspiración.


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