The right way to ship software

I’ve been around the block and shipped a lot of software. I’ve worked at tech companies ranging from three to 10,000+ employees. I’ve built software that’s been given away for free and sold for $50M license fees — and just about every price point in between. Every one of these products was developed and delivered differently, and after having the chance to compare and contrast them all, I’d love to reveal the one true way to ship software.
I’m abashed to confess that I cannot.
— Jocely Goldfein, The right way to ship software

Según Jocely Goldfein (VMWare, Facebook), no existe the one true way to ship software, sólo trade-offs y contextos para los que uno optimiza. Como complemento a este artículo, recomiendo oir a Beck hablando de qué variables determinan el contexto de uno: tiempos de release, negocio y prácticas de ingeniería.


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