La autonomía como base de una vida interesante

¿Qué aporta más, ser el líder de proyecto en una PYME o jefe de producto en una multinacional? Eso es lo que nos ayuda a responder Malcolm Gladwell en esta charla de 20 minutos.

Recuerdo el video estos días, mientras aún proceso las últimas ideas de The year without pants. Berkun, comentaba una idea similar que reproduzco a continuación:

«They [Automattic and Valve] hire T-Shape programmers and designers – people who are masters at one craft but skilled at many. Valve also also bets heavily on employee autonomy, going further than Automattic with its complete absence of formalized teams of hierarchy. […] When you’re confronted with the choice, a job offering great power is polarizing. Some people find the sound of it liberating, while others find it scary. Most people who work for someone else don’t really want this much responsibility. If they did, they’d start their own companies or be self-employed. The fact they’re working for someone else represents a trade they’re willing to make, sacrificing autonomy for security (as Kafka wrote, “Its often safer to be in chains than to be free”). The trade-off that companies like Valve and Automattic offer is different. In some ways, the power they offer individual contributors is greater than what middle managers at large Fortune 500 company have. However grand their executive jobs appear from the outside at these companies, their theoretical power is diminished by the bureaucracies their decisions must navigate through to have any impact at all.»

Y pienso que el camino hacia una vida interesante empieza por la autonomía.

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