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Category: Music

  • Matriarcas

    Brillantes activistas da vida cotiá.

  • Tempestades de sal, Sés

    Sés is a Galician singersongwriter. Her stage presence and lyrics reminds me of what it means to grow in small villages by the periphery. I feel connected to that dignity and survival skills, because it embodies the attitude of the women I grew around. The Galician matriachy.

  • Shelter from the Storm

    Mars soundtrack (the National Geographic tv-show) is fantastic. Nick Cave is just the perfect voice to convey that feeling of exploration and fear. Moon, Interstellar, The Martian, etc; it seems sci-fi movies got an appreciation for soundtracks that have a major role in the film – and I enjoy that. As much as I like Cave’s main […]

  • Are you serious

    This puts me in the perfect mood before going for a walk in this sunny and cold Saturday.

  • Conspiracy generation

    Current status: completely mesmerized by this song.

  • Ryanair boarding songs

    Some years ago, when boarding on Ryanair, the music played over the speakers was a classical and vibrant song – being Ryanair, likely a royalty-free one. Some declare it was Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5: Lately, they’ve changed to a more modern electronic style, at least as vibrant as before: I like the new one […]

  • The long fall

    It had been a while since I hadn’t listened to Marlango. The first albums were kind of intimate jazz with a touch of Radiohead. As they matured, their sound evolved into something more electric and a more open & positive way of looking at life as well. The long fall is one of my current […]

  • Drive @ Automatic for the people

    Cuando REM publicó el Automatic for the people yo tenía 10 años. Probablemente escuché el disco por vez primera más de un lustro después, en plena adolescencia. En esa época Drive me hablaba de cosas que estaba experimentando internamente. What if I ride, what if you walk? What if you rock around the clock? Tick-tock, […]

  • Queen @ LIVE AID, 1985

    Dicen que ha sido el concierto de rock más grande de la historia. Por delante del de Hendrix en Woodstock’69, Radiohead en Glastonbury’97 y otros miles de artistas / lugares especiales. La verdad es que al principio me parecía mucho decir para un concierto benéfico donde todo el mundo se relaja y para un grupo […]

  • Trois Gymnopédies , de Eric Sattie

    Trois Gymnopédies, de Eric Sattie. My current favorite for working purposes.