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Category: Programming pills

  • The developer experience of WordPress presets

    How using theme.json improves the developer experience of WordPress theme authors.

  • On JavaScript modules

    A brief history of JavaScript modularity and why ESModules are the future. Includes a technique to make CommonJS modules work in browsers.

  • Code and decision trees

    An example on how changing the language for thinking may help us to simplify our programs.

  • How comparing things is faster and simpler with immutability

    The third post of the series about the differences between values and references is focused on a practical example, the same trick that is at the core of React and Redux performance.

  • How equality and copy operations work

    This is the second post of a series about how fundamental operations work depending on the nature of data they work with. JavaScript is used as example.

  • Value and reference data types

    The introductory post of a series about how fundamental operations behave depending on the nature of the data they work with. JavaScript will be used as an example.

  • sum-csv

    Reflections on a little thing I made, to learn how to better create the bigger ones.

  • Designing for growth

    «Code should grow by addition rather than mutation.» The best example of that axiom I ever found is the one in Beck’s Implementation patterns. What goes next is almost an exact reproduction of the book. After reading this post, if you liked, I’d strongly recommend you to buy a copy. Imagine a graphic editor where […]

  • How gvSIG MapControl works: flow of control

    Within gvSIG design, MapControl is one of the core components. Its main responsibility is to allow users to interact with a map of layers (zoom in/out, edit geometries, …). That goal is achieved through two concrete tasks: Route the user actions to the proper tool which will execute it. Manage the drawing of the layers. This […]

  • How gvsig manages the snappers

    Last week I paired together with Francisco Puga to review the status of opencadtools. As Fran is doing a great work in preparing the integration of opencadtools as default CAD tools in gvSIG, I wanted to know first hand how it was going. iCarto and Cartolab were kind enough to sponsor this pairing session. One of […]