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  • Just this week, two of my colleagues at Automattic have written about Functional Programming concepts. Check Grzegorz’s A journey to Functional JavaScript and Miguel’s Functors and monads: an introduction.

  • sum-csv

    Reflections on a little thing I made, to learn how to better create the bigger ones.

  • A more expressive vocabulary for programming

    map and friends are more precise, sophisticated ways to talk about consistent patterns in data manipulation. Using them over for is analogous to using the word “cake” instead of “the kind of food that you make by whipping egg whites and maybe adding sugar”. Interestingly, you can eventually add new layers of category on top of established layers: […]

  • Simple made easy

    Precise words make communication more efficient. Arguably, software development is about managing conceptual complexity. Simple made easy, by Rich Hickey is a talk that tackles those two topics. Two takeaways from this talk: The differences between simple and easy. Simplicity is an objective measure, and its units are the level of interleaving (of concepts). […]

  • My office i4

    I’ve been working from home for more than 3 years now, and my setup has gone through several iterations – the current one is i4. After joining Automattic, I was encouraged to think about my office setup. The company sponsors the kind of high-quality office perks that you’ll expect in companies at this level, and […]

  • Taking PHP seriously

    Slack se une al club de los que usan PHP: Most programmers who have only casually used PHP know two things about it: that it is a bad language, which they would never use if given the choice; and that some of the most extraordinarily successful projects in history use it. This is not quite […]

  • While it might look like an overnight success in hindsight, the story of React is actually a great example of how new ideas often need to go through several rounds of refinement, iteration, and course correction over a long period of time before reaching their full potential. — Our first 50.000 stars.

  • Grammarly

    Como parte de mi refuerzo de aprendizaje del inglés, en los últimos meses he estado escribiendo varios textos: formales, informales, críticas, emails, académicos, informes, etc. Mi herramienta favorita actual para esos momentos es Grammarly. Las sugerencias van más allá de la mera corrección ortográfica y son contextuales al estilo de la redacción, te recomienda sinónimos […]

  • Concepts are the real win, and they can be expressed in many different ways. — Dumb Redux, Tom MacWright.

  • Programación de interfaces basada en componentes

    O de la composición de interfaces mediante un lenguaje de programación, no un lenguaje de marcado.