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Category: Technology

  • The developer experience of WordPress presets

    How using theme.json improves the developer experience of WordPress theme authors.

  • How I learned the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    The learning and memory techniques I used.

  • Dvorak two years after

    How I’m performing on Dvorak two years after the switch.

  • Function keys in Thinkpads

    FN + ESC to make the Fn keys switch functions.

  • On JavaScript modules

    A brief history of JavaScript modularity and why ESModules are the future. Includes a technique to make CommonJS modules work in browsers.

  • JavaScript in use 2011-2017

    According to the HTTP Archive, the top 1.000 websites download 5 times more JavaScript today than seven years ago – HTML grew 2x and CSS 3x. Combining that with the fact that the mobile web is more present than ever, the result is that the main bottleneck for the websites we create and consume is the CPU.

  • Input lag: 1977-2017

    Input lag: 1977-2017 is an essay about the time it takes several computers to display a character from a keypress. A lot of newer computers take 3 to 5 times more than 30 to 40 years old computers.

  • Google Maps’ Moat

    Google Maps’ Moat, by Justin O’Beirne. On the competitive advantage that Google Maps has over Apple Maps – equally interesting for map nerds and business people.

  • Agile according to Basecamp

    Running in Circles is Basecamp’s view of agile product management. They acknowledge the value of working in cycles, but add three pieces: having the time to focus, being able to modify the original plan, and tackle the core unknowns of the feature first. The first two are enablers that are provided to the makers by management. […]

  • Ten years of mobile

    10 years of mobile by Luke Wroblewski packs a lot of knowledge in one hour and a half. If I could only watch one talk about mobile, I’d make it this.