gvSIG codesprint in A Coruña: a personal summary

As you may know, iCarto and Cartolab have hosted a gvSIG codesprint at the nice city of A Coruña. iCarto was kind enough to support my attendance to the event to work on gvsig, navtable & navtableforms. Find below some comments on my personal experience. Some general impressions on the event It’s great to see… Seguir lendo gvSIG codesprint in A Coruña: a personal summary

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«No architects. Engineers works across the entire stack» — TripAdvisor engineering team TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel sites: 40M Visitors/Month, 200M Dynamic Page views/Day, … how do they make this possible? Here the answer. As I’m a culture/development process junkie, I’ve search how they work. Their approach: an extremely agile culture (as they put it:… Seguir lendo Sen título

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«Social networks are the modern Romeo and Juliet story. If Romeo is on Facebook and Juliet is on MySpace, there’s no way that they can ever be together» — Evan Prodromou at OSCON 2009

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Free software communities have a system much better than elections: you can choose which leader you wish to follow and how much. If you want to be a leader, start leading, and see who wants to help. — Richard Stallman.

Hi osgeoers!

That’s my first post going to Planet OSGEO. Just want to say hello people! 🙂 Well, as for someone who is new in the community, I think it feels right to introduce myself. My name is Andrés Maneiro and I work as a GIS programmer for iCarto, a firm specialized in GIS based in A… Seguir lendo Hi osgeoers!